Everyday, we get unwanted e-mail much of which is repeated from the same sender.

You know the story:  there's a new, best internet business opportunity (or an old, best internet opportunity, for that matter)  that folks try to sell us and hope we don't ask for refunds when the systems don't work.

Or maybe it's just about news or products you longer want or need or never signed up to receive in the first place.

There's a way to stop the e-mail you don't want.

It's a well-known concept to many folks but, for some newbies, it's a revelation.  In a short video, I talk about "unsubscribing" which means having your name removed from someone's e-mail list.   Check it out here:


Happiness is an uncluttered e-mail box.

If you are wondering what kind of e-mail that you could write that is not likely to encourage unsubscribing, The Empower Network has a lot of information about that.

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