Everyday, we get unwanted e-mail much of which is repeated from the same sender.

You know the story:  there's a new, best internet business opportunity (or an old, best internet opportunity, for that matter)  that folks try to sell us and hope we don't ask for refunds when the systems don't work.

Or maybe it's just about news or products you longer want or need or never signed up to receive in the first place.

There's a way to stop the e-mail you don't want.

It's a well-known concept to many folks but, for some newbies, it's a revelation.  In a short video, I talk about "unsubscribing" which means having your name removed from someone's e-mail list.   Check it out here:


Happiness is an uncluttered e-mail box.

If you are wondering what kind of e-mail that you could write that is not likely to encourage unsubscribing, The Empower Network has a lot of information about that.

To learn more about our system that is changing lives every day, click here.

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As a follow-up to my conversation with John Lavenia regarding using video as a marketing tool, I prepared a short clip to explain how video and audio messaging may be used as a valuable tool in internet marketing.



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A Six-Figure Income Online That's Simple, SAFE and Fast


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With regard to an internet marketing business, or any online business, starting from scratch can be an overwhelming challenge.  There's a lot involved in building an informational marketing business like Empower Network from the ground up but the good news is you don't need to do it.   Starting from scratch is a bad idea because it's totally unnecessary.

Building a new online business typically involves the following:

- creating your own product
- setting up a website
- writing sales copy around the product
- setting up a shopping cart,
- integrating with a merchant account
- doing customer support
- generating targeted traffic
- developing a customer members area
- and much, much more

Most people can't even begin to understand what goes into it.

If someone is brand new to the industry, it's simply a bad idea for them to attempt  to do all of the above while, at the same time, trying to make their first dollar online. There's clearly going to be a long delay between starting the work and getting paid for your efforts.   That slows reinvestment into the business, among other things.

People learn best when they can focus on learning one thing.

That's where The Empower Network comes in.

EN makes it much easier to start getting paid quickly.

In the list above, there is ONE single thing you can do and get paid while doing it.

Is it setting up a website?  N-o-o-o-o-o-o.

Is it creating new products?  No way.

What about setting up a shopping cart?  Are you kidding?

The one skill you can learn while getting paid is... generating targeted traffic.

If you can learn basic traffic, you can start making money.  Period.

With Empower Network, all the rest is done for you.

So don't try building a brand new business from the ground up.

Do this instead:

  1. Find a good, high converting offer, like Empower Network products
  2. Learn how to generate targeted traffic 
  3. Make sales.

Find out more here.

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Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to have a long overdue conversation with internet marketer (author and instructor) John Lavenia.  John is well-known within the Empower Network community and is widely recognized as an expert in the wide world of online business.  

John is a strong leader of my team, The Extreme Team, and just happens to be my mentor, as well.   Our conversation about using video to market products and services shows that John is a gold mine of information and a valuable asset to our team and to The Empower Network.


As a member of the Extreme Team, you have direct access to our many experienced leaders, like John Lavenia and Tony Rush, via daily teleconferences and weekly webinars (replays are available).  These "hangouts" are relaxed and unscripted and your questions are welcomed and encouraged.   The information provided is invaluable to anyone who wants to earn an income marketing Empower Network products or wants to promote a business. 

You will also have access to The Extreme Team's own website that has additional tips and tricks you won't find elsewhere.

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A few days ago, I wrote:

I hear it all the time:

"Mike, you don't really make any money with your internet business, do you?"

Most of the people who ask that question know someone who has
tried to make an online business work but have failed... or gave up
when success didn't come overnight.

So it's easy for them to think that running a successful internet
business is nearly impossible. 

I debunked some myths associated with online business.

Let's debunk some more myths here:

#5    "I am starting too late; the field is already crowded."

There will always be a need for goods and services.  Cutting-edge marketing strategies are especially popular since all products have to be sold.  New products are invented every day and technology is better than ever at announcing these products (and services) to the marketplace.  You also have the benefit of knowing about others' failures - what has not worked in the past - so that you don't make the same marketing mistakes.

#6    "I don't have any money and it costs a lot to get started."

You need very little money to start an online marketing business.  You can get an internet marketing business up and running for as little as $25 which is a small fraction of what it would cost to start up a franchise, for example.  

#7    "It takes forever to make a profit and I need money now."

Delivering information products digitally over the internet costs nothing and takes little time to process.  As long as you own the products, you can deliver them without inventory storage and delivery costs.

#8    "But I haven't created a product so I won't be able to make big money, anyway."

People who make products or provide services usually rely on marketing experts to do the selling.  That would be you acting as an affiliate for the company or individual.  Think of yourself as a car dealer.  You don't make the cars; you market them to people who need them.  Creating a product is time-consuming and expensive.  Why not simply sell that product once it's ready for the marketplace?  If you can find a product that pays you a high commission, you have it made.

#9    "I wouldn't know what to sell;  I'm not an expert at anything."

You don't have to be an expert; you simply need to know more about your product than the customer does.  It's always beneficial to learn all you can about a product but the buyer is most interested in the benefits he or she will receive.  For example, if you were selling diet supplements, you wouldn't need to understand the chemical nature of the product or how it's made; you only need to be able to explain the health benefits.

If you have believed any of these myths, now is the time to put them behind you.

Start your internet business today.  The Empower Network dispels all of
these myths every day for its members.  Learn about the fastest way to earn a large online income by signing up here to watch a video produced by fellow team member John Lavenia:

A Six-Figure Income Online That's Simple, SAFE and Fast.

Now is a GREAT time to join us.

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